Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Thanksgiving With The Camberlangos

(Yes, I am posting about Thanksgiving in January. Sue me.)

Thanksgiving is kind of a rough holiday for me. Growing up, we always went to my favorite cousin's house, ate amazing food, went crazy, did Barbie workout videos, watched "Arthur's Perfect Christmas," and then - the main event for us really - went Black Friday shopping. Since moving to Seattle, it's much too difficult to travel home for Thanksgiving, let along to Utah, since we turn around 3 weeks later and go home for Christmas.

Every year we've done different things. One year, my cousin Chelsea came to us, which was awesome. Another year, the Burgeners came here. And we're very blessed to have great friends who always check to make sure we're occupied. But this year, I convinced my sister to come!!! And it was all I hoped and dreamed it would be.
 First I made her cross Deception Pass Bridge - I wasn't sure she would ever forgive me (it is quite high up and a narrow space to walk in), but it was a memory and the ocean was beautiful.
We also toured Pike Place,
And of course there was a turkey in there somewhere....but really, we mostly just enjoyed the cousin/sister/family time. It was squishy in my apartment and they were really good sports. I hope they come again someday!!

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