Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Big Move

So I know you're all dying to hear about our cross county adventure. Or, at least, I want to post the photos, so you get to hear about it!

Seattle is actually not that drastic of a drive, even though at times it definitely felt like it. After saying farewell to our Provo dwelling (that was a super long day I'm trying to forget...), we hopped on the road and drove to Boise.

In Boise we met up with Landon's saint-like family. They made the rest of the drive with us. We planned poorly, and hit downtown Seattle right at rush hour. So roughly 10 hours after leaving Boise, we finally made it to our apartment.

One week later, we're still getting settled. I would guess we're 80% moved in. The new job is going well, Landon has his official UW ID, and we're really liking it here!

1 comment:

kenna said...

so glad you made it, and i'm loving the new blog look!

we are probably only 60 percent unpacked...but we are slow. :)