Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Bucket List #92 | Rattlesnake Lake

Right after we moved to Seattle, the guy who came to hook up our Internet told us about this place not too far away that is famous for several Bigfoot sightings. That was the first time I had heard about how the Pacific Northwest is the capital of Bigfoot. Maybe I had been living under a rock?
Anyhow, Landon and I have been looking for somewhere to get some elevation training in (we're planning an expedition this coming summer. :)), so for Labor Day weekend we tackled Rattlesnake Ledge.
It was a gorgeous hike - just the right length for us (4 miles roundtrip), since we were packing our kids up, and just the right amount of challenge. (1160 ft elevation gain on the way up)
The lake is super low this year, so that was sort of disappointing, but the view from the top was still spectacular.
We didn't see Bigfoot, but there were some mysterious tracks on the trail...
And this suspicious formation of rocks at the bottom of the lake bed. Maybe it's pointing to his hideout?
We really enjoyed this hike and would definitely recommend it. Get there early because when we got down at around 1pm, the parking lot was packed full and there were cars just circling, waiting for a spot.
We rate Rattlesnake Lake and the accompanying hike:
Not as spectacular as a few things we've seen, but super fun nonetheless!

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