Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bucket List #15 | Victoria, BC

The best thing about going to Canada is the beautiful ferry ride over - or at least Walt sure seemed to think so! I'm telling you guys, this is the way to travel.
Or maybe it's the chocolate. They just don't make it like that (for reasonable prices) here. We may have come home with an exorbitant amount. The grocery store checker made fun a me a little bit.
Or maybe the best thing is just how gorgeous it is.
And seeing some awesome stuff didn't hurt, including the Royal British Columbia Museum:
Where Walt proceeded to pick out every possible electronic device and spent all of his time staring at screens. :)
And the BC Parliament Building, which is seriously cool.
And the Fisgard Lighthouse. (Wow!)
Or the best thing might also be the fish 'n chips we had in a sleepy area of Victoria, right on the pier. Best fish I've ever had.
Probably the actual best thing about going to Canada is simple: international cell phone service. It forces us to shut down our phones, look out the window and actually talk to each other.
I'm so glad Landon was a good sport and let me talk him into this island getaway. :) It was beautiful and a great way to spend spring break!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bucket List #49 | Kerry Park

The last stop we made with Grandpa Burgener was the iconic Kerry Park in Queen Anne. I've always wanted to go here and it seriously lived up to the hype. You park along a quiet neighborhood street, round a corner, and this fantastic view just sort of smacks you in the face:
We were also super lucky, because there happened to be a professional photographer hanging out up there wanting to practice lighting, and we were the lucky subjects. :)
The park is small and there's not a lot to it, but it's worth the drive up the hill just for the photo op.
Our little boy of course had to see the playground, which is down the hill a bit from the view point.
My kids both loved it. This slide set into the hill is pretty epic:
I would easily give Kerry Park:
It's just a quick stop but if you have a car - do it. Take lots of pictures, stretch your legs, and keep on site-seeing. You won't be sorry!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bakery Nouveau

While we had Landon's Dad in town, we decided to hit up a local place that always gets rave reviews. Bakery Nouveau is located in the Capital Hill area (there's also one in West Seattle) and is super popular.
Based on a recommendation from a friend, we tried the chocolate croissants and were definitely not disappointed!
 Walt got a macaroon because yellow is his favorite color and he really wanted to try it. He didn't love it but he was still satisfied with the presentation.
It's a bit pricy but we loved it, and we'll be back.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Frye Art Museum

We were so fortunate to have Landon's Dad in town for an afternoon last week. I love living in a city where people often travel for work. We see a lot of extended family and friends that way. :) While he was here, we went on a few adventures. (Obviously!)
The Frye Art Museum was actually Grandpa's suggestion. It's a fun, classical and modern art museum with rotating exhibits right near downtown. And admission is 100% FREE! Not only that, but they offer free parking in a decent sized lot right across the street. That was music to our ears.
We loved exploring the paintings and artifacts on display, and learning a bit about Dutch art and it's history. We spent probably an hour roaming around and enjoying. The museum isn't big, but it was definitely fun!
The best part was definitely watching this guy impart his love of art to our children. Although Walt was pretty insistent that every painting had something to do with Zelda....
 This wasn't on our bucket list, but if you're wondering:
I love that the museum is free and doable with limited time! Not super kid-friendly, but with enough adults to keep them out of trouble it worked for us.