Monday, February 23, 2015


I don't know if anyone reads these yearly review posts, but I kind of love looking back on them. So, even though it's February, here goes!

I was actually sad at New Year's Eve. 2014 was possibly the best year of our marriage so far. We checked a ton of things off our bucket list, had so many fun visitors, traveled, spent time with great friends, and of course - our beautiful daughter joined our family. But 2015 will be rockin' too!

In 2014 we:

  • Landon went to Chile again - we think for the last time! Of course there is no end to his travels, but at least Christmas won't be so busy for awhile. 
  • Hosted the Rogers family, the Jackson family, and cousin Chelsea here in Seattle!
  • Said goodbye to Great-Grandma Wilkes. We loved her and will cherish our memories, our beautiful blankets and our 5-generation photo.
  • Welcomed Isannah Afton Burgener to our family. She is an angel child that has brought so much sunshine to our lives! We can't imagine how we ever lived without her.
  • Celebrated a certain 3-year-old with skeleton cake and lots of presents
  • Went to the Oregon Coast with the Jacksons - best trip ever!
  • Traveled to Idaho over the summer to see Stella baptized and attend our high school reunion
  • Checked a big handful of things off our bucket list. Our favorite? By far Mount Rainier.
  • Finished one year of Preschool and began a new one - Walt is thriving!
  • Went trick-or-treating with Woody and Bo Peep for Halloween.
  • Had a fabulous Thanksgiving with the Burgeners!
  • Spent the most low-key Christmas together since 2009. No traveling, no weddings, nothin' but lots of relaxing and being together. :)

In 2015 we think we'll:

  • Pass Landon's general exam - which comes with a bit of a pay raise, so we're stoked.
  • Plan an epic 1st birthday party for Zuzu.
  • Head to Idaho to see Uncle Wesley off on a mission to Japan.
  • Visit Olympic National Park. Can't wait!
  • Spend a couple of weeks in Jackson Hole and Rexburg while Landon does some awesome science stuff. 
  • Organize a long overdue campout with some old friends. 
  • Begin what might turn out to be Landon's last year of grad school. (although it will take him into the fall/winter to graduate...) Mind. Blown.
  • Organize our house, lives, and especially the thousands of photos and videos we possess.
  • Do more family history. Starting with updating this old blog!
  • Make a dent in the old bucket list. We need to finish up 36 things this year to be on target!
  • Get active - more time at the park, jogging, library visits, more learning opportunities for us and the kids!
It's already been a pretty fun year - I'm excited to see what else is in store for us!

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