Friday, February 27, 2015

Bucket List #91 | The Root Beer Store

This is one of those bucket listers that we've actually done before - but I haven't been on top of blogging everything. (hopefully that will change this year, it's a goal) When we went for a fun family outing in January, I insisted on pictures so that we could document it!

We didn't hear about The Root Beer Store (yes, that is actually what it's called) until after we moved here. Even then, we didn't know about it until we drove past it. Obviously, we were intrigued. What is this place? Do they legitimately only sell root beer and nothing else? How can they have a whole store devoted to root beer? So on the list it went.

They don't sell only root beer...but close. They also sell cream soda, and a few specialty drinks. They are legit. There are over 200 kinds of root beer in the store! We've been 3 times now, and have only tried a few. So far, my favorite is the on-tap root beer they have (told you it's legit) in a root beer float.

They also have some extras that have to do with root beer (root beer flavored candy, funny T-shirts, etc.) The employees are almost laughably knowledgable about their product, and the store occasionally has free tasting days where they set up samples of different kinds of root beer for you to try - like a wine tasting! I don't actually recommend going on those days though. The store is tiny - like, smaller than our very small apartment - and doesn't comfortably hold that many people. Plus, with the crowds they are sometimes out of some of their specialty stuff. We liked it a lot better on a non-event day.
Walt loves this place. (naturally, he's a root beer fanatic) It's not the most kid-friendly store ever (because no space to move around and lots of breakable glass) but the staff is nice about it.
It's safe to say that we will be going back. With friends.

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