Monday, February 23, 2015

Christmas in Idaho

Every year we evaluate our Christmas plans, and every year we can't imagine not going home. So sorry family, you're probably stuck with us for a good while yet. :)
We kicked our trip off with a longer stay in Boise so Walt could play with his cousins. Or so I could hang with my sister. Probably more the latter!
We spent some time at the Burgener abode...
They are building their dream house out in Burton, and staying at Grandpa Burgener's house in the interim. It was a little cramped with all 6 kids, 4 spouses, and 3.5 grandkids, but we found some cool old school treasures there! We can't wait to see the house we we go back this summer.
Christmas was at the Jacksons this year. As usual, my mom went all out. Christmas is an Event there, if you know what I mean. And it was so so so fun!
We wanted to do something a bit spiritual for the season, so each family was supposed to choose something to talk about on Christmas Eve. We chose to memorize another scripture - Walt seems to enjoy that. 
"And he cometh into the world to save all men, if they will hearken unto his voice."

Mostly it was fun to be with my siblings - we're getting so spread out it's hard to spend much time all together.
Walter was a hoot for Christmas. He was really getting into the Santa Claus thing and super excited for presents. He asked for a "stuffed animal Luigi"and a "surprise." Luckily, Santa has a hookup at Ninetendo, so both wishes were granted. :) 
Zuzu's first Christmas was awesome, too. When Walt was a baby, everyone told me how he'd love the wrapping paper and not to bother with presents...but he turned out to be not very interested in wrapping paper but loved his gifts. Isannah though, LOVED wrapping paper. She's a very tactile learner from what I've seen so far. She could not have cared less about the tons of presents she was showered with. In fact, because of naps and whatnot, she ended up not opening her last gift until 3 or 4 days after Christmas!
And then of course, there was this MAJOR surprise:
I was totally floored. Landon really should not have spoiled me so...but I'm glad he did! I have been working on the 7-year-old laptop we bought right after we got married that got Landon through his bachelor's and most of his master's degree. I was really not expecting this. I am one seriously lucky, loved girl!

It was a great Christmas, the best part was being together!

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