Sunday, January 5, 2014


2013 was a fabulous year. We put down roots, explored our surroundings, and loved life! We thought the year would look like this. One of my favorite things about last year is that I think, as a family, we really stretched ourselves and we have made a lot of great friends in the process. I, especially, tend to be a bit of an introvert and while I like to have those connections in my life, I'm not the best and reaching out and making them happen. So score one for the Burgeners, I guess!

And now, here's another new year's roundup and our goals for 2014!

In 2013 we:

  • Went to Chile. Ok, just Landon did. But sometimes it feels like a family affair.
  • Made the time and effort to explore Seattle as much as possible. We love it here!
  • Made some major improvements to our little apartment, including decorating our extra bathroom and redoing the master bedroom. It definitely now feels like home!
  • Switched to Washington license plates and got our new official driver's licenses.
  • Spent one of our greatest families vacations ever in Vancouver with Chelsea.
  • Welcomed Hanna to our family in May, and Julian in December. The Burgeners are multiplying!
  • Could not get enough of living by the beach.
  • Hosted visits from both of our families and a few friends. Any other takers?
  • Became parents to a 2-year-old. What on earth? Time is flying by.
  • Landon passed his prelim exam and finished year one of his PhD program. 
  • Dressed up Walt like a skeleton for Halloween. He's never been so happy in his life.

In 2014 we think we'll:

  • Travel some more. Landon is starting the year off right with another Chilean expedition, and has a few other trips in the works.
  • Come up with an appropriate excuse to get to Utah to meet our new nephew, Brigham.
  • Show my cousin around our city for an epic President's Day weekend extravaganza.
  • Watch the Sochi Olympics
  • Rock out with the Jackson clan at our much anticipated Oregon Coast vacation.
  • Plan and execute a family service project.
  • Attend our 10-year high school reunion together. Can we really be that old?
  • Revamp our budget and try to save more.
  • Take a Labor Day weekend journey to Mount Rainier and see if it is as beautiful up close.
We can't wait to see where the next year takes us - we hope to grow closer together as a family, cross several more things off of our bucket list, and meet our challenges head on. Happy 2014, everyone!

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