Monday, January 7, 2013


2012 was definitely The Year of the Burgeners. We feel extremely blessed in ways we could not have imagined last year at this time. This is what we thought last year would look like. We got everything we truly needed, and even though there are always ups and downs, 2012 was an all around awesome year.

And now, here's our fifth annual new year's roundup and projections for another great year!

In 2012 we:

  • Went through the whole teething thing. So over it.
  • Walt learned to crawl. And walk. And talk! And about a million other things we are inspired by every single day.
  • Got accepted to the University of Utah, and committed to spend another 3 years in the Beehive State
  • Received a call from UW the next day, and changed our entire life plan.
  • Did a lot of fun, outdoorsy things.
  • Welcomed Samantha into the family in May.
  • Celebrated a wonderful year of Walt and 5 years of marriage in June.
  • Celebrated Landon's successful thesis defense and graduation from BYU.
  • Were thrilled to see Miles again after two years in Nicaragua.
  • Spent 10 glorious days in Idaho with both our families.
  • Waved farewell to Utah in our rearview window and moved to Seattle.
  • Kylie started a freelance business and has enjoyed spending her days with Walt.
  • Hosted our very first (and might I add, wildly successful) Thanksgiving with Chelsea.
  • Were exceptionally glad the world didn't end.
  • Completed 8 things on our bucket list - 92 more to go!

In 2013 we think we'll:

  • Survive another Geology field expedition. This time in Chile.
  • Hit up Chelsea in Vancouver before she moves away this spring.
  • Participate in our first-ever spring break. We aren't sure what we'll do, but we look forward to it!
  • Go to a Mariner's game (see bucket list item #1).
  • Fix up our bikes and start exercising as a family more often.
  • Enjoy visits from both of our families this summer.
  • Get season passes to the Zoo. So we can hang out outside all summer long.
  • Go camping in Eastern Washington.
  • Get involved with our ward and the school and hopefully make a lot of new friends.
  • Find a way to serve others more effectively.
We're pretty sure our first full year on the West coast is going to knock it out of the park. Can't wait!

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