Friday, January 6, 2012


Seeing as this may be our last New Year's Post, I thought I'd better follow through and make it a good one! This is what we thought 2011 would look like.  Obviously, we were aware there would be a baby in our future as well, but I wasn't quite ready to announce that to the world yet. :)
I was pretty conservative with my predictions last year, and so they mostly came true, although I could not have imagined what BYU basketball would turn into, and we barely caught a glimpse of the Grand Canyon from the air on our flight home from Arizona a week ago. Here are the highlights from the last year, and our hopes and dreams for the new one:

In 2011 we:
  • Jumped on the  jimmermania bandwagon.
  • Welcomed our miracle, treasure, and love-of-our-lives Walt to the family.
  • Spent an amazing summer together with few obligations.
  • Planned, executed, and rocked our first family vacation to Seattle and the Oregon Coast. 
  • Moved across town to a really old and tiny new to us apartment.
  • Began Landon's final year of his master's program.
  • Celebrated a myriad of firsts, including Walt's blessing day, first smile, first mother's and father's days, first plane ride(s) and first daycare.
  • Landon presented his Antarctica research at 2 prestigious conferences.
  • Survived the craziest semester we've had so far, with a 14 hour school schedule, working full time, keeping up with housework, laundry and trying to be good parents. 
  • Enjoyed Christmas together.
  • Flew to Arizona to be at Dallin's wedding - Walt's 5th state in his 7 months of life

In 2012 we think we'll:
  • Eventually see the new Sherlock Holmes movie.
  • Go skiing in February
  • Finish up Landon's Thesis so he can graduate this summer.
  • Apply to several PhD programs - and hopefully be accepted to one that's right for us.
  • Finally revisit Landon's mission on a 10-day jaunt to  Peru in April.
  • Celebrate Walt's 1st year of life in June.
  • The next day, celebrate five years of blissful marriage.
  • Head to Southern Utah for a campout.
  • Watch the fireworks on the Idaho Falls greenbelt.
  • Welcome Miles home from his mission in July.
  • See Wicked with the Jackson clan in August.
  • Backpack to dunanda falls in Yellowstone with my brother.
  • Move on to a new adventure in the fall - destination unknown.
  • Pray. A LOT.  
We are super excited for all that we have coming, but also very, very nervous. 2012 will be a year full of major life choices for us. We will decide who we want to be and where we want to do it for the next several years. We will try to raise (or just not ruin) a baby/toddler. We will balance new family dynamics and attempt to get all of our Grandma/Grandpa time in before taking a possibly long journey elsewhere. We think it's going to be our best year yet.

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Chelsi said...

Love the goals. Happy New Year guys :)