Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My parents are huge Madison basketball fans. Since the Jackson family has the collective athletic ability of a paperclip, they never got to do much sport following while we kids were in high school. (although we rocked the soccer/tennis/debate teams!)
I think the real reason they follow the basketball team now (besides it being the best date-night idea ever!), is because they like an excuse to go to Boise once a year for the state basketball tournament.

Anyway, since Walt and I are crashing at my parents house while Landon is away, and we need to keep ourselves distracted, we crashed their date. I was nervous, because I knew it would be loud and last until way past Walt's bedtime. But we decided to go for it.

I think Walt is now a huge basketball fan.
His favorite part of the night was every time they changed the Jumbo-tron (yeah, Madison high school has a Jumbo-tron now. The new high school is amazing. Do I feel gypped? Yes, yes I do). He was fascinated by the glowing numbers.
He also really liked all of the action and whenever the teams ran from one side to the other he would point at them and get all excited. Madison won in overtime, which was pretty awesome.

His least favorite part of the night? That he wasn't allowed to touch the ball-ball. So sad, buddy. Maybe when you're older.
We'll have to rely on his Burgener uncles (and maybe his new Aunt Sam) to teach him about the world of sports. I think the best part of all of this was when, a few days later at the church, he noticed the basketball hoops. He pointed up at them, looked at me and said "ball-ball?" Such a clever little man!

I think we'll have to become basketball fans. I hope our local high school in Seattle has a good team!

12 days.


Roger and Laurene said...

Oh don't you worry Sissy. There are two more games we'll all go to before Landon gets home.


You are correct. State Basketball is our best chance to hang out with Matt and Maureen in Boise. Now we'll get to see the Camberlangos and the Andersons too! What's not to love about that?

Kell said...

You can come visit us if you need a distraction. Owen even has a "ball-ball" Walt can hold and play with. If you need another game or practice to go to, Owen is doing basketball right now. It's not quite like a high school basketball game, but it's still highly entertaining.

Kylie said...

Mikelle, I don't know how I feel about Owen growing up to be a Trojan....:) It would be fun to see you guys, hopefully we can squeeze that in!