Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reflection and Resolution

Well, 2010 has arrived. Ten years ago, we were worried about Y2K and the end of the world. We personally were eagerly awaiting the end of junior high. Five years ago Landon was in Peru and I was gearing up for my trip to Europe. 2009 was the year of surprise. One year ago, this is what we thought 2009 would look like. Boy were we wrong. Here are the highlights from 2009, and our hopes for 2010:

2009 Hallmarks:
  • We said goodbye to Grandma Vera - she is still missed.
  • We met Dallin at the airport when he came home from his mission to Slovakia.
  • We bought a brand new computer and definitely have been loving it.
  • Landon took first place at the annual spring research conference.
  • Wicked. 'Nuff said.
  • We fell in love with a little place called Manti.
  • We celebrated the Burgeners' 25th anniversary.
  • Kylie started a new job at UVU. She loves it.
  • We made the big move to Provo.
  • We took a fabulous vacation to Disney World with the Jacksons.
  • We bid the Bronco a fond farewell.
  • The first-ever all-Burgeners-included Christmas.
  • Preston got married and Josh got engaged!
2010 Expectations:
  • Landon's graduation will take place on April 22-23. (Party at our house!)
  • We will be headed in the direction of grad school - the final contestants are New Hampshire, BYU, Wisconsin, and Maine.
  • Landon turns 25.
  • We will attend Josh's wedding sometime in the spring.
  • We'll get to meet our second niece in May.
  • Miles leaves on a mission this summer. Any predictions?
  • There will be a trip to Peru sometime in the late summer/fall.
Beyond that, I'm not willing to make any more predictions. Leave that to the physics, I clearly don't have the "inner seeing eye." We'll just take what comes our way and love every minute of it!

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    Roger and Laurene said...

    And you sponsored a super-cool-amazing graduation party for Mom. Thanks guys.
    Here's hoping 2010 brings good times to all.
    Love you!