Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Belated (yet obligatory) New Year Post

Kicking off 2009 has been a little slow in the Burgener household. After returning from our wonderful vacation and getting most of our Christmas stuff put away (there's still one box in our living room that we haven't gotten around to yet), we started right back into a new semester of school and a new year of work. We've just now gotten around to settling in and reflecting on the old year and the new. Here's the highlights/predictions:

2008 in Review:
  • Started a blog - a good way to waste time, but also a great way to keep track of our lives and our friends.
  • Our first full year of marriage! We celebrated our 1st anniversary in June. We're loving every second of it, and hoping it just keeps getting better.
  • First grown-up church callings: Kylie survived the Sunbeams and Landon is enjoying his work as a finance clerk, Sunday School teacher and choir pianist.
  • We paid off our car and became debt free!
  • Our first night apart.
  • The first Burgener family reunion - a rousing success.
  • Another fun Sanders reunion in Salmon, Idaho.
  • Adopted a new "cousin" and good friend.
  • Kylie celebrated her first year of working at ThomasArts in September, after surviving a pretty hairy lay-off this summer.
  • Landon recieved excellent grades in all of his classes and completed his first field camp.
  • Went through 3 cell phones (thanks for your patience, Dad).
  • Welcomed home the last of our high school friends from missions, attended several weddings, and congratulated a few new arrivals.
2009 Expectations:
  • Kylie will now attempt to survive the 6-year-olds in primary.
  • Landon will whittle down his remaining required credits to 14.
  • Dallin (Landon's little brother) will arrive home from Slovakia April 9.
  • A new car? (Hey, it could happen)
  • We'll fill out MANY internship applications, and might be up for another big adventure this summer if we are successful (or if Kyle hooks us up)!
  • Our 5-year high school reunion in July/August.
  • Looking forward to another round of family reunions.
  • A rockin' vacation - TBD.
  • Landon will take the GRE in October.
  • Purchasing our plane tickets to Peru!
  • Many more adventures together.
Here's to 2009! We hope it brings happiness to us and everyone we love.


Chelsi and Trevor said...

Wow - what a year you guys have had and what a year you have ahead...stick - visit Chelsi and Trevor on that 2009 list ok?

Roger and Laurene said...

Don't forget MOM'S GRADUATION FROM COLLEGE (I know that is the most important thing in your lives this summer) and Wicked Weekend in April! Just a little reminder... :)

Landon and Kylie said...

I can't believe I left off Wicked! Thanks for the reminder, I can't wait!

Kyle Andrew said...

I think we all know what was the best thing you did in 2008. . .

Andrea said...

I liked this post a lot...wish I'd thought of it..Wish we could have seen you while you were up, but I know how the holidays are. Who knows, maybe we'll be living closer in a few months. Love ya!