Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Time in the Burg!

Sorry this is an idiot I forgot my camera, so we had to wait for pictures from my very generous father-in-law. :) Thanks!

We spent Christmas with the Burgener clan this year. It was so much fun! This is the first major holiday that we have all been together, since Landon and I were married while Dallin was on his mission. Miles will be leaving on his own mission sometime this summer/fall, so this may also have been the last Christmas we are all together for awhile.
We arrived on Dec. 23, about 3 hours ahead of schedule, just in time for dinner! Haha, we had a lot of fun surprising everyone.
On Christmas Eve, we had a fabulous dinner: ham, potatoes, huckleberries, and chocolate cheesecake! Yum! I'm still dreaming about that ham...

After we were full to bursting, had read some stories and watched a classic movie called "The Very First Noel," we got ready for our Christmas Eve slumber...

It's tradition for all of the kids to sleep in Erin's room. If anyone else gets married, I'm afraid there won't be room for us all anymore. We had to rearrange some furniture as it was. But oh so totally worth it! Visions of sugarplums danced in our heads while Santa was busy filling stockings and setting out presents. About 5 hours after this photo was taken, Wesley woke up somewhat indignantly (we had slept through both of the alarm clocks the little boys had set) and announced that it was time for Chirstmas!

 We woke up the parents, rushed down the stairs, and found a wonder land waiting for us. We were completely spoiled. Landon got me a beautiful new coat, some Arthur movies, a new purse, and tons of books that I am way excited about. He got some Star Wars Legos, a new backpack from the MTC (Thanks Sarah!) and some much-needed clothes. We were also spoiled by both of our families. My parents gave us power tools and Burgeners gave us some fun things for our home. All-in-all, it was a rousing success!

After Christmas, the party continued for several more days. I especially had a blast with Elizabeth and Erin, sewing, cooking and watching lots of girly movies like Sabrina and the American Girl shows. It is a lot of fun having another family - I have been so blessed!

I can't believe how much Erin had grown up since I first met Landon. We always have a good time together talking and being friends.

Thanks Burgeners for making this a great Christmas! It was our third together, and in my opinion, they just keep getting better!


abby said...

Looks like fun!! I'm glad you have such and awesome a second family. We missed you.

Lydia Story said...

What a fun Christmas! It sure looks like you are having a blast! I noticed your father in law recieved the game Ticket to Ride. That is a really fun game!