Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sprinkle Her With Love

For Isannah's birthday, I wanted to go all out - just like I did with Walt's first birthday years ago. It was fun to pick out any theme I wanted and just run with it.

So we did sprinkles. :)

Landon was a trooper and stood by me in my insanity. There were so many tiny details, and for weeks I was completely absorbed in party stuff. It was super fun - but I will definitely not go this nuts for every birthday!! (Don't get used to it, baby girl)
Probably the best part was that my mom flew in all the way from Idaho to celebrate with us. It meant a lot to me that she would come. Almost all of the time, I'm obsessed with Seattle and love living here. But occasionally, when we have a big family event like this, I get sad that we're far away from our family. So it was awesome to have my mom there representing everyone. :)
I did not take enough pictures of the people who came! I'm sad I didn't get a group shot. But my best friends were mostly able to make it, and I was once again amazed at the awesome people we have in our lives here to support all of our doings. I love our "framily" so much!
Zuzu was really unsure about the whole cake thing. When we were done with the "cake smash," there was only about 2 bites missing. We ended up just eating it later, which certainly didn't bother Walt. Ice cream, on the other hand - that she could get behind. :)
It was so fun to celebrate this little chicky. We love our baby girl!

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Roger and Laurene said...

Best. Party. Ever.
Thanks for inviting me! :)