Wednesday, June 24, 2015


One year ago (ok, one year and a month - I'm behind again!), this beautiful girl joined our family.
Everything changed.

I had no idea how different my life would be with 2 kids. I had no idea how much this little beauty would melt my heart.

I was terrified of having a girl -- but I love it. I love to dress her up, style her hair, and see a little bit of me in her.

This year was full of milestones, vacations, and adventures. At the age of one, this girl has already been to: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, and British Columbia. She's been camping, swimming, to the beach and to the mountains.
The year was also full of learning how to deal with extra messes, extra snuggles, extra needs, and an extra schedule to accommodate. We're still learning.

She has completely captured all of our hearts. Walt daily wants to hold her hand. He gets very upset if I take anything away from her or talk at all sternly - "Mom, I have to protect her," he'll say to me. So seriously.
At age one - her first word is "yeah." She plays the "so big" game with us and loves to clap her hands. Her favorite food is, hands down, crackers. She's a great crawler and can pull herself up to standing. Her little laugh is a jingle that gets the rest of us giggling, too.
I miss holding her in all her tiny glory. I miss that new baby smell. I miss the 6 months that she slept for 12 hours straight, like clockwork - I miss the baby sighs and the utter dependence.

But I love holding chubby hands while she toddles all over the house. I love to watch her examine toys to see how they work. I love fascination with opening and closing things. I love her independent spirit. It's exciting to see her personality emerging, day by day. (She's feisty!)
We love you Isannah! Happiest of birthdays!

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Catherine said...

yay, Isannah! What a sweetheart!