Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Walt!

So I know I already did a sappy post about my baby turning 1...but seeing as how we were in a car for most of his actual birthday, the real celebrations were delayed a bit. The next weekend we had a huge party for our little guy, and it was so much fun!!

I may have had a ridiculous amount of fun planning this party. I figure this is the last party I'll get to plan just for the fun of it. For the next few years at least, we'll be far away from family and won't have big celebrations like this. And soon, Walt will start having his own opinions about birthdays.

Since I knew I'd need the cooperation of Landon, I let him have a lot of input on the theme. We're both huge Winnie-The-Pooh fans, and it seemed like such a delicious "baby" theme - not too grown up for our little one-year-old. And those old E.H. Shepard illustrations are irresistible.
Landon has mad cake carving skills.

I discovered a new love for "Bot-O-Honey." Who knew?

We partied in the park - so grateful that the weather cooperated, since our apartment would have been much too small to host all of the lovely people who came to support us.
 Left to right: Summer Rupper (Landon's thesis advisor), Grandpa Burgener, Grandma Burgener, Abigail Rupper, Jesse, Catherine, and Nikolai Stricklan, Grandpa Jackson, Walt, Dad, Eli Rupper, Uncle Wes, Cousin Stella, Aunt Erin, Mom, Grandma Jackson, Cousin Siena, Jessica Williams (Landon's labmate), "Aunt" Laura Riley (Landon's labmate and a frequent babysitter), and Adam Rupper. (not pictured:  Aunt Abby - taking the picture - and Aunt Wendy, Uncle Josh and Aunt Sam, who arrived a little later)

3 different families all bought the same dinosaur wrapping's like Walt's Dad is a geologist, or something.

We didn't plan much - no games or prizes - just lots of visiting, eating good food, opening presents, and unadulterated, childhood fun. After a lot of frantic preparation over a few of the craziest weeks of our lives, I was actually able to sit down and enjoy my baby's party. I loved that.
Landon had his first taste of soda (root beer) on his first birthday, and it's great family story - so we wanted to carry on that tradition. Surprisingly, after Walt got over the shock, he liked it!

We'll always remember the grin on his face as everyone sang "Happy Birthday" and clapped for him. Like he couldn't believe this was all for him. We'll always remember the hilariously meticulous way he sampled his cake: one tiny handful at a time, carefully wiping his hand off on his shirt between bites. We'll always cherish the two beautiful handmade quilts he received from his grandmas. And we'll always remember the look of pure joy he got when we plopped him into his new red wagon and took him for a ride around the park. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great day!


kenna said...

i am so sad we couldn't make it. looks like an amazing day!

Lydia Story said...

Great party Kylie! Crazy that he is already one!