Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bucket List #81 | Windemere Cup

I'm really not sure why, but I had heard of the Windemere Cup prior to moving to Seattle. It's a fairly prestigious rowing competition held yearly on Lake Washington.
It was so random, but the whole thing is free and we thought it would be fun to go cheer on the Huskies. We were pleasantly surprised by how fun it ended up being! There were thousands of people gathered, the weather was beautiful, and the final race was quite exciting! (The New Zealand olympic team barely edged out UW)
The weather was great and the event was set up with all kinds of fun extras - a bouncy house for the kids, food trucks, flags, and a photo booth.
We arrived pretty early, and got a decent spot, but I wish we'd have gotten there just like 20 minutes sooner and been closer to the water. That way we could have avoided some of the rude college students who showed up later. :)
Overall, this is such a fun event, and will we probably go back if we're around next year. We give it:

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