Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Bucket List #13 | Alki Beach

A couple of weeks ago, the weather was straight up GORGEOUS. It was like 70 degrees outside. Landon had to work so I worked on some projects and played with the kids, but I started to get restless. I went in where Landon was working and said: can you be done in about an hour and go to the beach with us? He's a good sport, so we packed up and left!
We ran into some pretty bad traffic, which was annoying, but once we got to Alki we found an amazing parking spot, loaded up our stuff and staked out a spot on Alki Beach. Alki (way on the South end of Seattle) is famous for it's actual sand and it's view of the Seattle skyline. It's also the only beach in the area where you're allowed a fire. Because of these factors, it's also extremely crowded and very touristy. There are a ton of little shops and restaurants around.
We only stayed for a few hours, but it was a beautiful afternoon. Something that is good to know: there are a very limited number of fire pits, so honestly if you want to do a fire you need to get there pretty early in the day. We lucked out and a nice woman who was holding a spot for our group let us start our fire and cook our hot dogs while she waited for them to come.
Overall, Alki was a pretty fun trip and I'd be happy to do it again, especially if we had a bit longer and got there earlier. That said, Discovery Park is still my favorite beach in Seattle. 

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