Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bucket List #15 | Victoria, BC

The best thing about going to Canada is the beautiful ferry ride over - or at least Walt sure seemed to think so! I'm telling you guys, this is the way to travel.
Or maybe it's the chocolate. They just don't make it like that (for reasonable prices) here. We may have come home with an exorbitant amount. The grocery store checker made fun a me a little bit.
Or maybe the best thing is just how gorgeous it is.
And seeing some awesome stuff didn't hurt, including the Royal British Columbia Museum:
Where Walt proceeded to pick out every possible electronic device and spent all of his time staring at screens. :)
And the BC Parliament Building, which is seriously cool.
And the Fisgard Lighthouse. (Wow!)
Or the best thing might also be the fish 'n chips we had in a sleepy area of Victoria, right on the pier. Best fish I've ever had.
Probably the actual best thing about going to Canada is simple: international cell phone service. It forces us to shut down our phones, look out the window and actually talk to each other.
I'm so glad Landon was a good sport and let me talk him into this island getaway. :) It was beautiful and a great way to spend spring break!

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Catherine said...

Oh man, this looks AMAZING! Those pictures of the lighthouse make me want to go there right now :) What a fun trip!