Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bucket List #17 | The Container Store

I might be crazy. :) I heard there was a magical land called "The Container Store" in Seattle/Bellvue...I had to go.

To be clear, this isn't unique to the Seattle area. In fact, like many awesome places, they opened one in Salt Lake recently. (They got all the cool stuff after we moved!) But I had never been to one.
The store is pretty much what you'd expect. LOTS of containers!! We had a super good time browsing the aisles full of colorful, interesting boxes, bags, nets, dishes, shelves, etc.
It gave us a ton of good ideas for organization, and made us realize that someday when we finally buy a house, we'll have to set aside some budget to implement some of them!

We put a few things in our cart, but the store was pretty expensive. Ultimately, we decided not to get anything - but we might be doing some Amazon shopping later. ;) Overall, The Container Store was fun but not really earth-shattering. Still glad we went!

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