Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm playing a little catch up here, but I didn't want you to miss our cute kids in their Halloween costumes!

A few months ago, we showed Walter the movie "Toy Story" for the first time.
He loved it. In fact, we ended up watching all 3 movies in one week! Pretty much ever since, he's been playing Toy Story every where we go. I was so excited that he finally had a love that wasn't skeletons, I started talking him into being Woody for Halloween. (Don't worry, he's still completely obsessed with skeletons...) Once I showed him the hat I was going to get him, he was sold on the idea. :)

Of course, Woody doesn't go anywhere without the lovely Bo Peep by his side. (Walt wanted her to be Jesse, but A - I couldn't really figure out how to do it and B - I was just really excited to do something frilly and girly for Zuzu this year)

At the last minute, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head decided to jump in on the fun. The Mr. packed his angry eyes - just in case, and we actually won a costume contest this year, something I never envisioned happening to us. :)
Walt was SO excited for trick-or-treating. And the general spirit of the holiday kept him excited all month long. Every time we went to the grocery store, he would say "to visit the skeletons?!" and jump in the car.

The older I get, the more fun this holiday has become to me. I don't love dressing up, or the creepy stuff associated with Halloween, or scary movies...but this is Walt's absolute favorite time of year, and his enthusiasm is contagious. And I do love snitching the Milky Ways from his trick-or-treat loot.

Happy Halloween!

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