Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bucket List #22 & #100 | Pioneer Square & Arundel Books

Last month, Landon randomly had Veteran's Day off. I guess this must be a regular occurrence, but I wasn't expecting it. We realized it the night before, and decided to make the most of it with a day on the town!
 It was cold, but we headed to Pioneer Square for some exploring, and we were so glad. :)
 Pioneer Square is an older part of Seattle - underneath the streets here is where Seattle began. It has its own funky vibe...a little run down, lots of homeless people, tons of independent shops, and really its own brand of beauty.
It was maybe not the greatest place for kids, but we did find a few ways to keep our little guy occupied!
So coming back here!
While we were in the area, we hit up a store I've wanted to see for awhile - Arundel Books. There's really nothing special about this shop, it could have been any used/rare bookstore in Seattle, but it's the one I picked to check out. It's in this kind of cool underground section of the square.
 It's small, but they had some great finds and were actually super friendly to us with our family and all!
We enjoyed visiting a lot, and didn't leave empty-handed! We finished off our day with lunch at a local watering-hole. (we're still looking for something to fill the void that Paseo left...)
Who knew delicious BBQ existed in downtown Seattle?! It was really, really delicious (we tried the pulled pork and potato salad) and pretty reasonably priced (fed our little family for under $20, which is always a win). We'll be back, with friends. :)

Overall, we had a great day exploring a new part of Seattle. We'll rate Pioneer Square AND Arundel Books:
Not the most exciting thing we've done here, but totally worth the visit!

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Roger and Laurene said...

Wow. In addition to my ultra cool birthday Bobsey Twins book, I see Thorton Burgess! He wrote Bowser the Hound and Danny Meadow Mouse. Those Burgess books were the "Boxcar Children" series for me. I loved every single one. They were very old and outdated even when I read them. ;)

Quit loving Seattle so much.