Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bucket List #4 | Morsel

So, I created our bucket list before we moved to Seattle, and I added some restaurants to the list just based on what I found online. Over time, some of these have become places I really want to go, and others have become something I was sort of dreading. Being in grad school and all, we don't get to eat out very often, and I realized that I didn't want to waste money or a date night going somewhere that I'm not thrilled about. So, I'm making a few changes to our list, since now we're locals and can figure out the best places to eat! It's my list, I can do whatever I want. :)


Since having Isannah, one of things that has been killing us is that a babysitter is pretty much out of reach for us now. Babysitters are already crazy expensive in Seattle, and when you have two kids it just makes it worse. Plus, Zuzu is still so little that it's hard to leave her for very long. When Walt started preschool, I realized that I had a 2.5 hour window of time when I just had the baby, at least. So I asked Landon if he wanted to buy me breakfast. :)
We had a blast on our "sneak away" date. One of the BEST things about grad school is that Landon essentially sets his own schedule. Sure, he has one or two classes and occasional meetings, but other than that he can work when he wants to. And even though we had to bring the baby with us, it was refreshing to sit and talk to each other without constant interruptions about which Star Wars guy is the coolest. (Although we like those interruptions sometimes. :)) We've decided to make this a once-a-month kinda thing.
Morsel was a Yelp find, and I'm sold on the place. It's only open for breakfast and in the early afternoons. A short walk from campus, Morsel makes a-maz-ing breakfast sandwiches on homemade biscuits (Landon had buttermilk, I got cheddar chive) with eggs cooked to order. I highly recommend the "Spanish Fly." Also, the hot cocoa was pretty super. Did I mention that it's cheap? This place has it all. I actually can't wait to take people there when they come to visit!
We're giving Morsel:
If you're looking for breakfast in the U District, you can't beat it. Be aware that there is not much seating inside (it is pretty divey, so you have to like that kind of thing). We went in the late morning (10:30ish) on a weekday, and were able to snag a table, but I imagine earlier or on a Saturday it'd be tough. Still totally worth it!

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