Friday, June 27, 2014


I certainly never said you could grow up. Dad says he didn't give you permission, either. So what's the deal, bud?
Once I could hold you in just one arm. You never talked back, or strayed too far from my lap.
Everyone told us when our baby girl was born, Walt would suddenly seem older. But in truth, the change happened before that. In the last few months, Walt has blossomed from toddler into a little boy. He is less clingy and loves to play with friends. He finally conquered potty training (once he was ready, it only took a week, so I'm now a firm proponent of that approach!), and his imagination astounds me constantly.
At three, Walt has an incredibly vast vocabulary. He amazes me daily with the things he knows and the questions he asks. And his memory is like a steel trap. He never forgets a single thing we tell him, so we have to be prepared to follow through on every promise.
We celebrated his third birthday with presents, spaghetti, watermelon, root beer, and a skeleton cake. Good thing Grandma was here to help me figure that out!
Every year I dread the birthdays that take my baby boy further away from me, but truthfully I am so proud of him and the boy he is becoming. Both me and Landon are bursting with love for this silly, cautious, climbing, Daniel Tiger-watching, dancing, LOVING kid.
Happy Birthday, Walt.

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Catherine said...

What a handsome boy! Will you teach me your secret to potty training? (We are trying not to push it over here either, waiting til the time is right) Happy birthday Walter!