Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Oregon Coast

A year ago, as we were all seated around my parents' kitchen table, having just celebrated my Father's birthday, we got talking about DisneyWorld and the amazing vacation that was. We all loved the setting, of course, but the best part was just being together! One thing led to another, and soon, we were planning our next epic Jackson vacay.
I almost messed everything up by getting pregnant at just the wrong time ;), but it all came together and even though it was stressful to take a new baby on a trip, I'm so glad we went, and I wouldn't change a thing.

On our way down to the coast, we stopped off in Portland and introduced Isannah to her great-grandpa Burgener. He and his wife, Betty, were thrilled to see us, and even had a birthday gift waiting for Walt.
It's always fun to see them!

My parents rented a gorgeous, fully equipped beach house with room for everyone in Lincoln City. It was so exciting to drive up and know that soon, it would be full of my family. They all loved meeting Isannah.
We wasted no time in rushing to the beach the next morning!
And our little fish just took it all in that week. Every day he asked if we could go to the beach. He is still asking to go to the ocean.
Good thing we live on the coast, I think his little heart would be broken if we couldn't go back soon!
We soaked up lots of grandparent and cousin time.
There's really never enough cousin time.
We went to the aquarium...
And ate marshmallows as big as our faces....
And generally had a great time, Jackson style.
Isannah mostly slept,
But she also learned to smile!
I kept thinking the whole time how blessed we are to have had so many opportunities to travel. My parents have been instrumental in a lot of that happening. Also, due to the nature of Landon's career, we will likely have many more chances to see the world. I'm so grateful for that - seeing things with my own eyes has always been important to me. I want that for my kids, too. This trip was also a great reminder that travel doesn't have to mean plane rides, strange foods, or a new language. There are places to be discovered in every corner of the world. It's great to start with your own.
I'm so happy that my family loves to go on trips together - I can't wait to see where we go next!

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