Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Godparents

When Walt first went to daycare, we had to list an emergency contact that would be allowed to pick him up if we were ever unable to. After some thought, I called my cousin Molly and asked her if I could list her, since they lived the closest to us at the time. Ever since then, we've joked that she and her husband, Jordan are Walt's godparents. :) They are an excellent choice, I must say.

When they called and asked us if we had plans over President's Day weekend, we were thrilled to have them for a visit! They were fabulous house guests and even made us lunch on Sunday.

It was Jordan's first time in our town, so we did some of the classics:
They were great sports and even tried Peruvian food with us.
For the record, not the greatest Peruvian food we've had....

We also did a lot of lounging, Olympics watching, and treat-consuming.

I'm so glad they came to visit. It was a perfect, relaxing way to spend our vacation weekend, and so awesome to reconnect with our family!! Love you guys, come again soon! I swear, it's a lot warmer in the springtime...:)

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