Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Is It Your Birthday?

I think Walt was more excited than I was about my birthday this year - he spent all day asking me if it was my birthday. When I said yes, he would yell, "Happy Birthday!" or sing to me, or bring me presents. :) It was adorable. And then he'd ask for cake. So we know what he was REALLY excited about....
For some reason, he thought this ribbon on his head made him look like Jake the Neverland Pirate....

It was a great birthday. Kind of low-key. My boys spoiled me with dinner at the Olive Garden, lots of presents, and of course, party chip cake!
"Heavy, heavy, hangover, the poor forehead!" - Walt's interpretation

Landon also bought me tickets to see The Lion King musical on tour in March! I cannot wait to go. One of the perks of living in a big city. :)

Perhaps my favorite part of the day was when I asked Walt how old he thought I was. He thought seriously for a minute, then replied, "I'm 2. You're 22." 
Close, Baby Bear. Keep guessing low, you'll make your Mama happy!

I was also blessed to head to lunch with this fabulous group of ladies:
There were 22 of us there, including the kids. We kind of overwhelmed the restaurant. I was amazed at the friends I have made in just over a year of living here in Seattle. As we chatted and watched the Superbowl parade on TV (Go Seahawks!), I felt so loved. I haven't had such a great group of people to hang out with since high school. I know we were led to come to school here in Washington. Not only is it a great school, it's the perfect place for this stage in our family's development. 

Happy Birthday to me! Thanks to everyone who made it a fabulous day.

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