Friday, February 21, 2014

Gas Works Park

I actually thought this was on our bucket list - and I was wrong! Sometimes, looking at that list (which I made before we moved here) makes me laugh. Perhaps at the end of our Seattle adventure, I'll rewrite my own list of things to do in Seattle based on actual experience.

Gas Works Park is a famous landmark with one of the most beautiful views of the Seattle skyline I've seen. We took Molly and Jordan here the last day of their trip to check it out. As usual, I was reminded that getting downtown isn't as difficult as I always make it out to be. We should be doing more of these excursions!
It was a chilly day, and also, Walt tripped right when we got there and got a huge bump on his head. So he wasn't thrilled with everything. But I think on a nice spring day, this would be a beautiful spot to picnic, fly kites and enjoy the view.
It is called Gas Works Park because of a huge refinery, no longer in use, that sits at the edge of the park. They've turned the boiler facilities into a nice shelter with tables to sit on. You're technically not supposed to climb on the equipment, but I guess we're rebels. :)
It was nice to see some green grass for a change, it's been too long! The park isn't large and there isn't a ton for kids to do - it's more of a go-here-to-snap-photos-and-see-the-view kind of place. And I will say this: we found several "nests" of the homeless people who sleep inside the shelter to try and keep warm. So I definitely wouldn't recommend it at night. 

We'll rate Gas Works Park:
Definitely worth the photo op, but probably not a "must see" in Seattle.

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