Sunday, February 9, 2014


Walt and I are so lucky to have a family who loves us! When we found ourselves temporarily orphaned at the start of this year, my Mom and Dad were nice enough to take us in. Thank goodness! I don't know how single moms do it -- I would be a total basket case after 2.5 weeks of just me and a 2 year old.

Walt had a blast with his grandparents...even when he tried not to show it. He loves all of Grandma's vintage toys, the soft carpet, going up and down the stairs, and the fireplace.
He is terribly spoiled by his grandparents on both sides. But hey, that's what grandparents are for!
Possibly his favorite thing we did the entire time we were there was to meet the Bobcat. This is Madison high school's mascot. I am very thankful for a teenaged boy who was patient and so cute to stop and talk to Walter. Walt adored everything about the basketball games - I'm thinking we need to go to a few local games here!

We also had tons of fun with cousins. Walt can't get enough of Stella and Siena.
And he has a new cousin, "Baby Brigham." Sadly, we didn't make it down to Utah to meet him over Christmas. But we have seen him on Hangouts, and he's darling. Walt talks about him all the time.
In our spare time, we cleaned out my old room at home. There is officially nothing left on the walls, shelves, or in the closet that signifies that I spent 8ish years of my life living there. It was a little sad, but also kind of fun to dig up old treasures.
And go through a lot of high school memories:
I scanned all of my old dance photos, and I'm working on a book of them and Landon's. I'm excited to have a few more things in my life organized and put away! And you should have seen the bags and bags of stuff and trash that we donated/threw out. My poor mother, putting up with that mess!

If you're wondering where Landon was in all of this, he was in Chile. (More on that soon)

And that's how we spent most of the month of January! We love our families so much and we're glad we're able to see them fairly often. I am so thankful that whenever I call my mom and say, "So, Landon has another trip..." she doesn't hesitate to welcome us into her home, feed us delicious dinners, and make us feel like she loves to have us. It was wonderful to be there, but we're glad to be reunited and home again. Just in time to watch the Seahawks win the Superbowl!

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Roger and Laurene said...

This post should be titled "RexBurgeners"
We loved every single minute! When is Landon's next adventure?? ;)