Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Elqui Valley, Chile

I know, Landon just randomly travels the globe a lot. It can be stressful, but it is a lot of fun for him, and I'm pretty hopeful that someday, when we have older kids and a little more disposable income, I'll get to come along on more of these trips.
This is the second year Landon did a Chilean expedition. Much of his final dissertation will be based around the work he's done there. The first year they dug pits and brought back soil samples to study the temperatures from ~5,000-19,000 ago. He's been processing this in his lab since then.
This year they set up weather stations at the same sites - which include a wide range of altitudes - so they can gauge the differences between today's climate and ancient climates, and also get an idea of how precipitation, soil depth, and seasonal differences can effect the temperature in that area. (Landon, did I describe that right?)
As strange as it seems, we really are grateful for these globe-trotting opportunities. Landon has been able to participate in some pretty strong research projects throughout his time as a graduate student, and has even had several papers published. With every week we spend apart, he is building a stronger resume and increasing his chances of getting a good job when we're done with this crazy adventure. That's our life, and we love it!

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