Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I have been doing a lot of thinking about this baby lately:
Lately, he has seemed so much - bigger - to me than he used to be.

He goes to (pre) Preschool. He knows words like "astronaut" and "femur" and just pulls them out of nowhere. He loves to go to the library and insists that we look up ALL the skeleton books.

I know there are a lot of mushy sayings about babies only being babies for awhile, and how growing up is so sad. And it's true.


It's also really, really fun.

I love to have 2-year-old conversations with my little pal. I love to show him Christmas movies that I watched when I was little and have him love them! I love to write his name in honey on a peanut butter sandwich (just like my mom used to do) and hear him spell out W-A-L-T! next to me. I love to sing songs together and play pretend. I love to answer all the questions, of which there are many.
Walter was an adorable baby. He was fun to snuggle and watching him learn to roll over, sit up, crawl, and walk was exciting. But this phase, where I am still his universe and yet he has so much personality and is full of fun, I could live with this phase forever.
I adore his bigger-ness.

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Catherine said...

I love sweet Walter! He's so big and handsome!and I agree--there were a lot of nice things about niko being a baby but there are way more awesome things about him being a toddler. I really think this motherhood gig gets better every day :-)