Friday, November 1, 2013

Doin' The Skeleton Dance

Those of you who know our baby boy at all, know that he has a crazy affinity for skeletons.

No, like, really crazy.

A year ago, we showed him this video:

I could not have known how much it would take over our lives...

So Halloween this year was really a no-brainer.
And friends, I have to tell you: This costume is comprised of a $5 set of PJs from Wal-Mart and some cheap face paint. I didn't hand-stitch anything here, or come up with something inventive that makes everyone say "Aaawwww..." But I have NEVER felt like a better mom.
You should see his face light up when he sees himself in the mirror. Or when he tells people he is a skeleton. Or when he brings me these PJs every. single. morning begging to put them on and "be a skeleton!"
Sometimes, putting aside Pinterest and the "ideal" of what a costume should be, and letting your child dress up like exactly what they want to be is what Halloween is all about.
Trick or Treat, from our little Skeleton!
Who, by the way, insisted that I call him "Skeleton" all day long. We are going to have one sad boy when this holiday is over...


Catherine said...

Oh man he's so cute in that costume! And kudos to you for finding a cheap and easy way to provide it :-) it's clear he loves it!!!!

Roger and Laurene said...

You should totally add the piano video to this blog post. There's nothing like watching Walt accompany himself as he sings the Skeleton Dance! It's the best.

And you're the best too. :)

Chelsi said...

LOVe that little skeleton!