Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bucket List #39 | Whidbey Island + Admiralty Head Lighthouse

Last week, one of Landon's mission companions called and asked us what we were doing for the weekend. When he found out we didn't have any plans, he asked if he could come up for a visit. Of course we said yes! (We love visitors...hint, hint)
We decided to spend the bulk of his trip at Whidbey Island, which we had heard awesome things about. Plus it was such a gorgeous day, we had to get outside.
After taking the ferry across, we stopped off at the beach, and to view the remains of a recent landslide. (what can I say, I'm married to a Geologist!) It was actually pretty cool to see.
It was great to take a day off...eating junk food, reconnecting with an old friend, exploring the unknown.
Walt liked the rocks the best. I'm more of a sand girl myself.

We hit up Fort Casey, and the light house there - one of the most famous on the Puget Sound.
He told me he was going to "run and run and run!"
I confess I felt the same. :)

Admiralty Head was beautiful. I've always been drawn to lighthouses. This one is cool because it is so accessible! They have a small museum inside, and you can got up into the now-empty light chamber and look around. I don't have a lot to compare it to (lighthouses being scare in Idaho and Utah), but it was fun! It reminded me of Anne's House of Dreams...
When we had our fill of military barracks and a delicious picnic lunch, we packed up and headed further north, for swimming and sightseeing, which included things like seeing a majestic bald eagle up close...

And the charming town of Coupeville...

When we (finally) stopped off at the beach for a little swimming time, Walt was in heaven. Even the frigid water would not deter our little fish.
Or, for that matter, my bigger fish:
I think this face says it all. Best part of the day!!
I stayed on the beach and read a really good book. :) When the boys were waterlogged, we drove north and went over the deception pass bridge to come home. It was pretty spectacular, with a great view.
It was a long day, but a great way to spend Cory's trip. We always love seeing another part of our hometown! Overall, we rate Whidbey Island:
It is a beautiful place, but not our favorite place so far. (Maybe it gets harder to rate 5 stars the more places we go?) Thanks Cory, for giving us a great excuse to go exploring! We had so much fun hanging out with an old friend. 

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