Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bucket List #46 | Carkeek Park

After all of the 4th of July excitement, we decided we needed some down time. :) It came in the form of a picnic on the beach at Carkeek Park, part of Seattle's Parks and Rec Department.

The first thing I thought when we pulled into the park and walked down to the beach was - "I can't believe how close we live to this!" It's less than 20 minutes from our house. And it is gorgeous.
Walt, of course, took off into the water right away, and probably would not have come back if it was up to him.
Next time I'll be more prepared with a swim suit. :)

We did eventually coax him out of the waves and had a fabulous picnic, followed by a short doze on the sand. It was a great way to spend our Saturday. That day happened to be a family reunion on both sides, and I think Landon and I were feeling a little homesick. Nothing like going to the beach to cure a case of homesickness! (Especially for Idaho:))
We loved Carkeek Park. It's closer to our house than Discovery Park, and has a better beach for swimming. But, it's not quite as picturesque. Although there is a train that comes through pretty often, which is fun for Walt! So, we have to give it
We can't wait to go back!

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