Sunday, August 4, 2013

That One Time My Parents Came

I have so much to catch up on!! My parents came for a visit a couple of weeks ago, and it was epic. We packed tons of things into their trip, everything from the classics (Mariner's, ferry rides) to the adventurous (Fremont Troll, anyone?). Lots of the activities we did were on the bucket list, so look for a LOT more pictures to come.
Walt definitely took to his Grandma and Grandpa pretty quickly. He loved the extra attention! We're so grateful for video chats - Walt knows who his grandparents are. :)
My parents were awesome house guests! They bought us groceries, made dinner, cleaned up after themselves, and my mom even babysat one morning while we unwittingly slept in!
It was a lovely and relaxing week. We kicked it off with a bang by celebrating Landon's birthday at Woodland Park Zoo (his choice), followed by a fancy dinner at Ivar's flagship restaurant. It was awesome to take my parents there. It's right on the water and a Seattle classic.
Landon loves seafood - I agree to eat it pretty much once a year. :) But Ivar's was super tasty. Living on the coast is slowly converting me to the concepts of fish and chips and clam chowder.

I loved having my parents here. It was great to show off our city, our apartment, our cute little community, and our crazy neighbors. I think my very favorite part of the week was the morning we spent at the park near our house. It was just great to let them see how beautiful Washington is, and how much our little boy has grown. I guess I'm proud of my little family - it's fun to share that with my parents.
My mom's favorite part was visiting Landon's lab. It is pretty cool.
My Dad tolerated all of the tourist stuff fairly well. I will never subject him to Pike Place Market again, but he was a good sport. :)
Walt's favorite part was swimming at the hotel at the end of the week.
Landon's favorite part was my Mom's mad cooking skills! I'd be offended if I didn't agree...He also loved the Boeing Factory tour.
Walt has been asking us where Grandma and Grandpa are. And when we're going to have cake again. He seems to associate the two. :) Come again soon, Grandma and Grandpa Ky!

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Roger and Laurene said...

Epic. For sure. :)
Kylie is the Best. Vacation Planner. Ever.

Love you guys!