Monday, June 17, 2013

Tugboat Storytime!

Twice a month, The Center for Wooden Boats puts on a storytime on a beautiful old tugboat floating on Lake Union. I've been dying to take Walt, and last week we were finally available on the right day. So I packed up a lunch and hauled him downtown.
It was so much fun! The woman who does it was really animated and read a bunch of books about the sea and boats. It was such a cool little boat, and fun to feel it moving under our feet while we listened to the stories and sang songs about the sea.
Afterwards, we were allowed to explore the tugboat and some of the surrounding boats. The Center for Wooden Boats is actually a floating museum, of sorts, and I can't wait to bring Landon here!
We had so much fun exploring Lake Union - I love living so close to the water, it's a totally new experience for me. Walt and I give Tugboat Storytime:
We will definitely come again!

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