Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bucket List #18 | Top Pot Doughnuts

Before we moved here, I heard a lot of hype about this local doughnut chain, Top Pot Doughnuts. It seemed like a standard local hangout. So we added it to the ol' bucket list, and on National Doughnut Day, we finally hit it up.
We had a blast - it was a much-needed Friday night outing.
And Walt REALLY likes doughnuts.
We chose old-fashioned. Our independent 2-year-old chose his favorite color, pink!
It was a fun environment and the employees were pretty nice, considering that we'd shown up 15 minutes before closing time.
Bottom line? They were good doughnuts. But they weren't amazing doughnuts. There are no unique flavors and my mouth didn't explode eating them or anything. I don't feel the need to rush back. It probably wasn't really worth the drive, since we have a bakery a lot closer to our house.

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