Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Real Science

Since we were already downtown after Tugboat Storytime (see previous post), we decided to meet Landon for lunch.
These two boys are inseparable. They both have a contagious enthusiasm for life. Walt was so excited to see his Dad in the middle of the day. And so was I! After lunch, Landon graciously took us on a tour of his lab. Although we hang out on campus quite often (I cannot get enough of it, it's so beautiful), we had never seen where the magic happens, so to speak.
He took us through his whole process, and it was really incredible! It's hard to describe, but I just felt in awe of him the whole time. This guy is pretty much a genius.
Sometimes, I think we get into a pattern - we live life, Landon goes to school every day, I tell people he is working on his PhD...it's all routine. We forget how amazing it is that we're here. Landon has already had the opportunity for more education than about 70% of Americans get, and now he's getting even more. The things we are doing here and now are going to bless our lives forever. And the science itself is pretty fantastic! Other people watch news about the kinds of things Landon gets to discover in a real science lab on a daily basis.
I know he would tell you it's no big deal. He sits and polishes rocks for a good portion of his day, and watches the machines to make sure they function right, and spends tedious hours learning about process and recording data. But to someone who isn't there every day, I have to tell you, it is impressive.
His lab looks like a documentary (or an episode of The Big Bang Theory:)). And sometimes it hits me. Landon works so hard, and is so smart, has literally traveled the world and studies with some of the foremost thinkers in his field -- and he still makes the time to keep us, his family, as his top priority.
We are so proud of this guy and everything he is accomplishing. Go team go!

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Jenay said...

Holy mackerel, that's some impressive real science! And your little son is so. Dang. CUTE!