Thursday, June 6, 2013

The One Where Walt and Ky Disappear For Awhile

Well hello there, blog friends! I know I've been dismal at keeping up this blog for the last little while. Sometimes we get so busy doing things, we forget to document them! But I have lots of fun things to catch up on, so I'm diving right in.

A while back, my mom called me up and asked me if we wanted to come visit for a couple of weeks. Of course we did! So my mom flew us out to Utah so we could attend the annual Sanders Girls' Weekend. We also toured some of our old stomping grounds.
After a fun-filled weekend with aunts and cousins, we headed back up to Idaho. It was awesome to share some of my childhood memories with Walt now that he is getting old enough to understand what's going on. He loved the zoo!
While we were there, we celebrated my dad's birthday. My brother and sister surprised him. It was so much fun to all be together, that doesn't happen very often anymore. 
We also went to our grandparents' graves on Memorial Day. Sometimes I get sad thinking about that fact that Walt will never meet any of them. I didn't get a chance to know my grandparents as well as I would have liked, since I was pretty young when most of them passed away. It's really important to me that Walt has lots of quality time with all of our family as much as possible so he gets that opportunity.
We had so much fun with my mom, and we are glad we took advantage of this trip. But we were also really happy to see Landon again after so long! Thanks mom, for wanting us to come and letting us invade your house. We can't wait for a visit this summer!

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