Thursday, May 9, 2013

Of Miles, and Marriage, and the World's Fastest Trip to Idaho

This post could begin with a huge long story about how Miles met Hanna in high school, and then had their ups and downs, and how Landon and I were always "Team Hanna," and then - years later and I am leaving a lot out - they got sort of engaged and asked us when Landon's spring break was and then completely disregarded that information and scheduled a wedding right after Landon had started TA-ing and taking a crazy hard math class...but we'll just leave it at that.

We are so excited to welome this lovely person into the Burgener family!!!

The wedding was beautiful. The weather outside, not so much.

It was a whirlwind weekend filled with family, quick visits with friends, tons of junkfood, a lot of laundry, working late hours, missed naps, and 26 hours in the car.

It was totally worth it.

Congrats, Miles and Hanna! We are beyond excited for many, many years of hanging out, movie parties, and late night chats. And Erin, Trisha and I are glad that we are slowly becoming less outnumbered. :) Come visit soon!

PS - More wedding photos up on my other blog soon. :)

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