Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Runaway With Us to Olallie State Park

One of the best things about living in a big city is all of the fun stuff there is to do. Need a vacation? No problem! Drive 30 minutes in any direction and you can find high culture, bargin shopping, the beach, fine dining, or beautiful scenery. Because sometimes you are tired of living in the big city. :)
Last Saturday we woke up, and as we were playing with Walt and talking and just generally getting a lazy start to the day, we thought about the beautiful weather outside and a full day with no plans in it yet and spontaneously jumped in the car and got on the road.
We decided to go hiking where Landon had been once before on a field trip: Olallie State Park.
We did a simple, easy hike to Twin Falls and back. It was beautiful and refreshing. Being outside always helps us connect as a family.
Walt liked the river best. Because splashing is the best and this kid just loves water! Temperature doesn't even phase him.
We love to get outside and I am so glad we took advantage of the gorgeous weather! We bought a state park "Discover Pass," so I have a feeling there are many more outdoor adventures in our future!


Jenay said...

Be still my heart. . . how beautiful! Right now we're decideing if we should move to Seattle next year, and if you keep posting stuff like this it will not be a hard decision!

Catherine said...

Kylie you live in a verdant wonderland!