Monday, March 11, 2013

Imagine Children's Museum - Also, We Made Friends!

Walt and I were invited to go to the children's museum in Everett, WA this week. We were so excited! I almost felt like a little kid, feeling all cool to get an invitation to go somewhere. :) I think that Sharlie was inspired to email me, because Landon is out of town this weekend and I was dreading it. Having something to look forward to made it so much better!
I was initially worried that Walt would be too young to really enjoy it, but he LOVED it. Every time we went into a new room, he would get really excited, and then I'd have a hard time getting him to leave.
Our new friend T was so nice to Walt. He has been to the museum before and kept showing him all the sites. Even though he's quite a bit older, they seemed to get along great. It was a party!
After we got home, all of the kids completely crashed, so I'd call it a successful event!

Best moment of the day? When we were in the airplane model, letting the kids sit in the cockpit...
Me: Where are you flying us to, T?
T: The Promised Land!

This is not on our bucket list, but I give it
It was awesome for little (and big!) kids, and it was a great way to spend our Friday. We're thinking about getting a season pass for all of those rainy Seattle days!

Thanks again for inviting us, Sharlie! It was so great to hang out with someone who speaks adult. :)


Chelsi said...

Love when you finally start to make friends in a new place - it makes a new adventure that much more cool :)

Roger and Laurene said...

He's not a baby anymore. :(

kenna said...

how fun! so glad you met my bff sharlie. isn't tavin a doll? walt and tav will be great friends!