Friday, March 8, 2013

Bucket List #27 | Museum of Flight

Our Seattle bucket list is a list of adventures we're hoping to have while Landon studies at the University of Washington for the next several years. To view all of our bucket list posts, click here.

Seattle has a cool tradition called "First Thursdays." On the first Thursday of each month, many of the city's museums stay open late and admission is free in the evening. We decided to take advantage of this and visit the Museum of Flight, which is prohibitively expensive on a normal day.
Landon has been dying to go here. He has a love of all things transportation: trains, boats, old cars...but especially airplanes. And spaceships. Boeing's museum has plenty of both.
We have been to a lot of flight museums. The Legacy Flight Museum in Rexburg, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in D.C., the Hill Air Force Base Museum, and the NASA visitor's center in Florida...
Pssst! Jesse, that one was for you!
So when we say this place is awesome, we mean it.
We loved how almost everything there was either an actual artifact or something used in training missions. And although we didn't have time to read many of the signs, the bits of history we did pick up were well-chosen and extremely interesting.

We definitely rate the Museum of Flight:

I love it when an idea that should be really, really cool actually fulfills its promise. And yay Seattle, for making this resource available to local families who could never afford the $18/person admission. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we will be back!

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Nancy said...

I agree that place was awesome!! We also got to go on the free first Thursday. I really want to go back again to get to see the things we missed.