Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Bathroom Is Cooler Than Yours...

Ok, probably not. But we did recently finish it up, and I am so excited!

When we moved to Seattle, it was the first time in our entire marriage that our new apartment was nicer than our old apartment. We have loved having real carpet, nice appliances, a dishwasher (!), and two bathrooms. It's all quite decadent. But since we've never had two bathrooms before, we had nothing to put in our guest bathroom. Not even a shower curtain.
Finally, this weekend, we were completely sick of having an ugly, unfinished room for people to see every time someone came over. Landon agreed to devote a couple of days to finally just getting it done.  Many long hours and lots of Dr. Pepper later, we finished.

So here's the after!

I don't usually do "themey" rooms, but since this will be Walt's main bathroom for the next few years, I wanted to make it fun for him, without being too childish. For this room, I think it works and I really, really love it! Plus, it gave us a place to store all of Landon's random Geology stuff. :)

My mom gave me a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine for my birthday. I was so excited, because it was something we'd never have been able to afford on our own, and I knew we could have so much fun with this! Luckily, I married an artist, so when I have crazy delusions of grandeur, he can make them happen. :) And yes, our Geologic timeline is actually to scale...although Landon let us change the colors up a bit.
We found this shelf at a local thrift store the morning we decided to finish the bathroom. I can't believe how lucky we were! I almost never walk into DI with something specific in mind and then actually find it. I sanded down some rough/stained spots and repainted this in one day, and Landon had it hung the next. The fossils are all real, and come from various trips Landon has taken and also from my Grandfather's house. The hammer is an antique rock hammer that Landon's family gave him for graduation last year. It is so cool, but we've never had anywhere to display it, so this works perfectly! The books are just from Landon's collection.
I made this funny T-Rex art for a college class (the photo was taken at Thanksgiving Point). It used to be in our room, but this is so much better. :) The hand towels were a last-minute, spur-of-the-moment purchase, and I love how much color they bring in! My sister taught me how to do a super-fast applique on them, and since the footprints were also cut on my silhouette, they were about an hour-long project, if that.
And oh, our "wall of predators..." Landon was so set on this - I thought it was going to be too much and take up too much space on the mirror. But once we got them cut and placed (at midnight on Sunday...) I realized he'd been right all along. They add the perfect touch of sophistication to our "science-y" theme, and they are such a fun detail!
Everything turned out just how it looked in my head. I think Walt is going to love having such a fun space!

Here's the breakdown if you're in to that kind of thing:
Shower curtain + liner = $8
Adhesive Vinyl = $8
Shelf (thrifted and refinished with paint we had on-hand) = $5
Hand Towels = $3/each (Target)
Total = $24

Not bad for an entire room!

Now someone just needs to come and visit. :)


Nancy said...

Wow, it looks so good!! I love it!

Jamie Blake said...

I love it!!! Perfect.

Kerry and Brenda Denney said...

absolutely wonderful!!

Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

I love it! To tell you the truth I love the mirror Dino's the best!! Good Job on the vision!!

Craig and Sarah said...

I love your bathroom! so adorable! I'm also excited you'll be coming to girls weekend! see you then!!

Andrew and Collette said...

Your bathroom is AWESOME! My son, Douglas, is obsessed with anything to do with Dinosaurs and he would love to have (or just use) your bathroom! Great work! And P.S. we all think your bathroom is cooler than ours especially Douglas:)