Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Super Condensed Quick Catch-Up

Once upon a time, we went home for Christmas.
And then we thought, well, we're having so much fun, let's just stay for a month!
And it was pretty fun.

Somewhere in the middle, Landon went off to Chile.

He enjoyed digging lots of holes, eating cebiche, and returning to Latin America.
Walt and I had fun visiting friends, hanging with Grandma, and working hard!

Eventually, we decided it would be better if we lived at our own house.

So we drove for 14 hours (with a stop-over to hang with the Camberlangos in Boise) and FINALLY made it back to good old Washington.
Now that we're here, we've hit "real life" in earnest. Between school, working, and being parents, life is busy.

We like it that way. And we're glad to be home.

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