Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Family Portrait

Landon has been gone all week. This isn't the first time he has traveled for school - it definitely won't be the last. I'm starting to feel like a seasoned veteran. I went to a playgroup with Walt this morning, and many of my friends expressed sympathy for me at being home alone. A lot of them are older than me, with several kids, and I have a feeling they were feeling a little bit of pity towards the newlywed having to be home alone for the first time. I wanted to say "Girls, I have been home all by myself for 5 weeks in my first trimester of pregnancy. I am no stranger to this." But, I feel like I bring that up a lot, so you folks get to read about it instead. :)
This is what our family looks like quite often. And it is hard. But this is where we are now. I can't change it, and to be honest, I wouldn't want to. We are working towards lofty goals here in Seattle. It's hard living far away from family, and hard having a husband who has a habit of taking off around the holidays a lot. But in other ways, it's fulfilling. We're doing it. Landon is a "real-life" scientist, publishing papers, attending conferences, and doing fieldwork. I am managing to stay at home with Walt and continue with my career at the same time. It's the dream, you know? It's messy sometimes but it's what we signed up for. We don't love every minute, but who does? We love where we're headed, we love the time we spend together (even if it's online), and we love all the stuff that counts!


Alan, Amber, Emma, and Zachary said...

I am amazed over & over by you.... You have such an incredible outlook on life! Way to go!! It's so refreshing to read your blog! It's not easy to have a hubby gone so often or for long periods of time, but you are doing an amazing job dealing with it. So impressive! Landon is one lucky guy to have found such a supportive wife, no matter what!!

Chelsi said...

We love you guys :)

The Nephites said...

Cute pic! Yeah I get some sympathy comments like that sometimes in my life and sometimes just to be crabby I go into how this is nothing compared to being 9 months pregnant and having my husband leave for a month only to return a week before our third baby was born. OH, and pack us all up to move 2 weeks later. It's life. Sometimes I wonder how some woman never get to experience this type of thing in life. Seems too easy :0) Looks like you are handling it well though. Glad I checked in on your family! Love your blog!