Tuesday, October 30, 2012


When we announced that we were moving to Seattle, probably the most common response we heard was "I hope you like rain." I think very few people who told us this had actually been to Seattle. It's just something we all associate with the Pacific Northwest. I honestly didn't give it a lot of thought. Being from a desert, I just couldn't really comprehend what rain every day would look like. So I didn't worry.

We arrived on a beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day in September. It rained maybe once in the first month that we lived here. We all enjoyed many gorgeous days at parks, walking trails, exploring campus, and just soaking up the not 95 degree sun. We have loved it!

2 weeks ago, it began to rain. And it rained. And it is still (mostly) raining. Thoughts of seasonal depression and vitamin D deficiencies have rolled around in my head a bit, I'll confess. But something about this wet weather is magical. I have no doubt that after a few months of this I'll be tired of watching the water fall. But last week, as we took a drive through the countryside and saw the raindrops slide off of beautiful autumn leaves, I was awed by the power of moisture. My soul soaks up that water from my roots to my core. It's renewing, energizing its way.

I have always loved fall. Seeing this new version of my favorite season has only added to my wonder at a dying world. Only here, the dying is less stark, the promise of new life closer to the surface. Although I miss my mountains and was the smallest bit jealous of the 6" of snow Rexburg received the other day,  we're having our own, gentler shift of seasons here. It's foreign but it's beautiful.

So bring on the rain.

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Ben and Stacey said...

I love this post, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and in such a beautiful profound way. Happy you are enjoying Seattle :)