Wednesday, October 10, 2012


So, this wasn't on our bucket list...but if we had known about it before we moved here, it would have been. :)
Walt is soooo excited, can you tell?
Landon came home from school a few weeks ago informing me that I had to take him to "BrickCon." I had no idea what he was talking about, but after he explained to me that it was a giant convention full of Lego creations and vendors, I thought "Wow. What could be better than that?" Ok, I didn't think that, but I did agree to go. Landon has been a huge fan of Legos his entire life, I wasn't about to say no.
My awesomely cool cousin Chelsea was in town visiting, and she gamely tagged along for what was definitely one of the nerdiest things we have ever done (but also cool, in its own way).

It was a bit of a madhouse, and I'm not gonna lie, probably the largest demographic in the room was 10-12 year old boys. It was fun to see how serious they all were about this hobby. And incredibly cute to watch all the Dads share their obvious love for something with their sons.
There were some pretty amazing creations there:
And although we offer kudos to what is clearly a talent and an artform...part of us was just a little bit appalled at the money and time commitment that was represented in that room. But we managed to have a blast anyway.
(Yes, that is us playing the kids area. One of the perks of having a child.)
Walt actually was more into stacking and pulling apart the Duplos than I thought he would be. I think this Christmas we might have to put in a good word with Santa...

And my grown-up boy came home with some fun things of his own.
Even though this isn't on the bucket list, we'll rate it.
For someone who is obsessed with Legos, like our family, it was totally worth it, and we loved seeing the incredible things people made. It provided more entertainment than a movie for about the same price. That said, it was certainly a 1-time thing. It was super crowded, and even nerdy feeling to us nerds. :) But we're so glad we went!

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