Friday, September 28, 2012

I live here

Sometimes, I wake up and think we must be back in Utah, going to the U like we had originally planned, thinking about a weekend trip home to visit the fam. Then it hits me, "I live here."

Sometimes, I expect to be overwhelmed with homesickness or a feeling of incompetence...after all, we are not big city folk. But that feeling, so far, has not come. Instead, I look out my window at the vast amount of water and green things growing. I drive 15 minutes in any direction to get to thousands of stores, parks, and running trails.

Sometimes, when I am playing with Walt at 3pm on a Tuesday, I feel like I am on vacation. Any day now, I will have to drop him off at daycare and return to my office for the Monday morning grind. Then it hits me, "I live here."
I wait for the longing for work, adult interaction, "something to do." But that feeling has not come. Instead, I fill up my days with playgroups, writing, conference calls, editing photos, talking to my mom and sister more than I was ever able to before, running errands, keeping a passably clean house (finally!), and dreaming up interesting activities for a 1-year-old.

Sometimes, while we're waiting for Landon to come home from school and we absolutely must get out of the house, I think that I will go crazy because we live in a city now and there is no grass, no fenced-in yard, nowhere for Walt to be a kid.

Then I throw him in the car and minutes later we are running around chasing birdies, making friends, meeting doggies, and jumping on a wonderful playground. And I look up, and then I can't help but smile as it hits me.

"I live here."


Catherine said...

IS it ok to say that I'm jealous of your awesome adventure? I'm also jealous of your awesome stay-at-home-mom-and-work abilities! You are awesome! And we MISS you!

Kylie said...

Catherine - don't be jealous, just come visit! We miss you, too. :)